Mauritius Beach Wedding Tips

Mauritius Beach Wedding Tips

All you need is some good advice for your beach wedding in Mauritius that will help in the clarification of your mental image so that you can anticipate things that you have not thought of. So here we go.  Mauritius Beach Wedding Tips.


Give preference to comfortable wedding dresses / Go for a light airy and beautiful dress / Avoid the big dress.

It will be very difficult for you to walk down the aisle with your long train, depending on the location of the celebration, the availability of equipped tracks, the script and duration, you need to select the required length. Dresses on the floor, of course, are the most elegant and suitable to the image of the bride, but if you are a lover of clean hem you will have to maintain the edge of the dress all the time, which is extremely tiring. So avoid long train.

The perfect beach wedding dress should be comfortable and beautiful allow you to enjoy your beach party in his fullness.
Travelling by plane with your wedding dress.

First, When going to your Bridal Boutique to buy your wedding dress let them know that you are going for a ”Beach Destination Wedding” they will be able to advise you on how to best care for the garment and they might even offer to pack it especially for your trip.

Yes, to carry your wedding dress, you will need to buy a special box in order protect the dress and if you don’t want your dress to go through the suffering of luggage bring it with you to be considered as ”hand luggage”, when on board
asked the flight attendant to put it in the executive wardrobes on the plane., which is found in most planes that make regular flights. Make sure your box design and weight fit the hand luggage requirements of airlines and airports.

When removing your dress from the box, if you see that it have been creased, know that some hotel offers pressing they can do it freely for you but you should ask before.

If you need more details, don’t hesitate to call Air Mauritius to have more information, look what they said on their blog ” We’ll always do everything we can to make sure both you and your garments arrive in tip top condition – so sit back, enjoy the flight and look forward to a stress-free day of celebration” So it’s a good new, Right?

Sand + high heels just don’t work together for the beach wedding.

These advice here is for ”Beach wedding”, Which mean the set-up will be on the sand you will walk down the aisle on the sand, there are some people who travel to have their wedding on our island but the whole event is held in the hotel reception hall. This is different, it’s not what am talking about.
So, Concerning the appropriate shoes for the beach wedding: avoid high heels, I advise you to wear the Crochet Barefoot or Sandals ” as in the picture below, but in summer it would be suitable to have a second option, think of the ”Lace Wedge flat low high Wedding Shoe” for ceremony because sand can get pretty hot, then for the photo-shoot you can bounce for the Crochet Barefoot Sandals .
Make-up for a beach wedding –


Mauritius Beach Wedding Tips

If you have opted for the hotel package, so the principle is, you will have everything in it. Flower, arc, cake, photographer and make-up artist,
Ask them if possible to have ”Make-up trail” the day before so you can decide if you like or not, don’t keep quiet, it’s only when you communicate your thought that they can know your style. If still you are not satisfied, go for independent make-up artist who works in this field as a full time job and specialize in it, very important.
Tip and trick.
Salty air causes excessive water loss from the skin. To avoid dry skin be sure that days before your wedding you drink lots of water so that you minimize dehydration. In order to have smooth skin the day of the wedding tone and moisturize your skin, let the moisturizer soak in for at least twenty minutes. If there is any excess left gently dab off with a dry cotton pad.
Consider your hair style.

You want your wedding hairstyle to look luxurious and long held. For this, you must always consider what works on your hair, and what does not.
If your hair does not tolerate humidity (and the air on the beach is definitely wet), it is better to collect them in a high hairstyle. If you want your hair to be loose, you’ll have to take extra measures to keep your hair on. To do this, use tools with strong fixation + special means of moisture.

in order to give freshness, freedom and lightness to the hair-dress, the hair is taken as a basis – soft curls, carelessly strapped back or collected in a free braid. If you like a fairy-tale romantic image, then there should be no worldly and earthly difficulties – natural curls that fall freely from your shoulders, in extreme cases, collected in a very simple and maximally natural hairstyle.
It is better if the hair is as simple as possible, so you can not worry that it will deteriorate at the most inopportune moment, you will feel natural, comfortable and easy.

Any hairstyle for a beach wedding should be done using fixing means. But the level of this fixation should be average, so that the curls look as natural as possible, but they are resistant to weather stress and keep the desired shape.



Enter the dress code.

Be sure to notify guests in the invitation about the format of the celebration. And hint that expensive Italian shoes, as well as designer dresses are best left at home. The best choice for a beach wedding will be light bright dresses for ladies and cotton light pants for men. Such clothes do not constrain movements, quickly dries in the sun, made of natural materials, it will allow the skin to breathe, and will not constrain movements during active games. Perhaps, some of the guests even decide to take a swimsuit.


Go local.
To photographs a beach wedding it’s not easy as you may think, The light is very trick here in Mauritius and to shoot at 2 am in the afternoon on the beach you need a lot of practice and understanding of the ”Tropical Light”, it take me a lot of time and weddings to finally understand how to shoot in harsh sun and being able to capture sunset properly, and as you may notice am for natural light Photography, i don’t use flash all at in the morning. So if you are planning to bring your own photographer make sure he/she understand how to work with these light condition.



For the sake of good photo.
Keep your guest cool by using sun umbrellas, beach umbrellas and another shade for your guests. Let the ceremony be short, and make sure that all guests have water. The wind is another potential problem – check that the guests are sitting in such a way that the breeze is behind them.



Let your vow be heard.

It can be difficult to hear the sounds of your voices in the background of waves and the high wind when having the exchange of vow, or the beautiful speech of the officer. If you want your relatives to participate by listening and not only in their present, so make sure to talk to the wedding coordinator about the speaker.
Details to be used for a dream wedding beach atmosphere.

Lighted candles, messages in bottles, seashells decorating a banquet table, waving ribbons in the wind or snow-white curtains. For seating is best suitable folding light wooden furniture, complemented by soft cushions. Of course, bringing all the props to the site of the wedding is very difficult, but feasible. Use the services of wedding coordinators, decorators or assign this mission to the responsible friends.




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